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2012-06-14 02:29:40 by Hyenic

I'm alive.

Comment whore-ness.

2011-07-01 00:51:39 by Hyenic

Me? I'm a comment whore. No shame admitting it.

I just like seeing what people have to say about me artwork, whether it be good or bad, just a simple "Nice work" or some constructive criticism. I like some feedback, for crying out loud.


2011-01-31 01:41:24 by Hyenic

You animators. And your skill. No. no. Your patience. Everyone can draw. Their patience depends on how well the artwork turns out. Same thing goes for 2D animation. Quite frankly I am jealous. I frustrate easy, and well... I don't have patience to animate. Nor draw something fantastic. Time to learn, I suppose.

I dunno what to draw.

2011-01-23 01:20:31 by Hyenic

Simply that. Just that. I don't know what to draw. D:<